Monday, July 25, 2011

Lovin the weekends

was a success!!! We ordered pizza, I had salad all set up, some snacks and I even bought stuff for sundaes. I detailed the entire house so good. I was pretty dang proud of myself. Usually I make someone help me like my sister, or hubby. But this time it was all me. The house looked great, and I made sure I didn't miss a spot. The only things that stinks is that I forgot to take pictures of the night because I was so busy and time went by so fast I completely forgot. I was bummed because I would've loved to take pictures with some of my favorite girls ever. We had such an enjoyable time and got to eat and chit chat.
Lets back up a tiny bit, in between the cleaning and running errands I took my poor baby Mac to get neutered. I felt so bad for our puppy but it had to be done. I've never taken a dog to get something like this done, so I was pretty nervous for him. I kept wanting it for it to be time to pick him up. Im thinking that the my other two are next. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

So here's a pic of my baby Mac on the way to get neutered. Isn't he such a cutie? I sure think so.

The funny thing that happened to me on this day was that Mac was being such a bad boy on our way out. He was trying to run away and not listen to me. I was getting a little MAD, because I had to get ready for the girls night party and I was soo hot and annoyed. I felt like I would never get home, seriously took me about half an hour to get from the clinic to my car. HA ha . It was hilarious to watch im sure.


I had a photo shoot super early so I had to be up and going at 7 am! ( the night before I was up soooo late so I was super sleepy and already for a nap by the time it was 10) So as I was getting ready I heard my husbands loud deisel truck. I automatically run outside to go greet my handsome hubby. * The reason why I was so excited was because he was out of town for almost three days. This was the first time that my husband has been away from me longer than a day. * I am very much in love with my husband and I have every right to show it to him alright, so dont hate. After seeing my handsome I went to the Temple and had an awesome time with my friend Ivette and her family. They were so adorable and were all matchy matchy. I loved it! It wasnt too warm once we got there but once we got going and moved around we felt it towards the end. I was so glad we finished before it got even toastier. Then I hurried back home so I could get some kisses and hugs from my baby. I loved seeing him. We had such a wonderful day together. We watched movies, we talked talked and talked, and then we got ready for a hot date. He took me to Cheesecake Factory and then we walked around Chandler Mall. It was a fun sweet night. We tried to play a game and ended up falling asleep very early. Gotta love the married life :)


We got to sleep in and catch up on some sleep, watch the news, and watch a movie. In between we went to church of course and got to play with our adorable nursery kids. Every Sunday I love them more and more. We love our calling very much and we're very grateful for the oppourtunity we have to teach the babies. They keep us busy we play, sing, snack, and try to learn lessons.
Sunday night I got to play around with some more photography and I got some really good shots of the lightning. These are some of the best ones I captured.

I know that Im getting better and better at perfecting my photography skills and it feels so good.

After we went inside we ate some food and then we heard the rain pouring down. I have to say perfect time on our part. It was such a beautiful weekend and night. Chris and I are loving every moment of free time that we have together.



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