Friday, July 22, 2011

Courtneys Bday

My bestie had her birthday last weekend and because of her big 23 we treated her to the river with all expenses paid, and bought her dinner at the SeƱoras. Wait .. it doesnt end there. On Sunday early morning we made her the best breakfast ever. We got to all eat breakfast together and that never happens here so it was very nice. :)

I think we gave her the special treatment and made her feel like a princess. Here are some pictures to prove it.

Did I mention we are also having a girls night tonight?? We are having pizza and ice cream sundaes. YUM!!! So excited to have some good friends over and have some fun. I will post pictures from tonight some other day. Here's to a good night and a good weekend.
We love birthdays at our house, its the one time a year you dont have to do chores, no dishes, no cleaning, and you get treated like youre a queen or King


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