Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dentist Visit

So I had my first visit since I had my X-rays done. And let me tell you it was much better than I expected.

I think what worked me up was the fact that I hadnt gone to the dentist in many years. So I dont remember how anything felt. I mean I havent been since I was little. I know Im a bad girl - but don't worry I am paying for it now. I woke up at around 730 ish so that I could go to my appointment that was at 8. It began with the dental hygenist! FUN stuff- jajaja . She worked on my teeth for about an hour. Then I went to the dentist for about two hours more. Yep thats right I didnt have a type-o I was at the denstist for about 3 hours. I thought it would take a while but not that long. It's okay though because it wasnt as scary as I had been imagining. I had two crowns, and possibly I was going to have to take care of two root canals. Luckily the dentist said its really up to me because I will be able to tell if I get a toothache. So far everything seems good enough that I wont be needing any root canals! THANK GOODNESS!. I am going to pray that it remains that way.

Anyways I must tell you what I was thinking about while I was sitting in the chair as the dentist is drilling my teeth. I was thinking about how grateful I am for the advancement in the technology and the all the people who seek such hard careers. Such as a dentist, pharmacist, and doctors. All those things require so much schooing and I know its not easy but Im very thankful for their ability to fix me up. ha ha .

Once I got out I was starving so my husband and I got to go to Jamba Juice and Panda. It was the best jamba juice Ive ever had.

I am so happy thats over. Phew.


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