Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why ?

Why is it when Im feeling my all time worst that I have a million things to do and I dont have the energy or patience to do anything. Also, I feel horrible and I ran into like three people I know at Wal-mart, and some other people at several other stores. Its funny how life can be like that at times.
I must tell you how much
I can't wait to get tomorrow over with.
Im a hot mess right now. I cant really eat comfortably, chew gum, go longer than eight hours without a pain killer, sleep, and have some good ol fun like I would like to.

Anyways, I know Im complaining and being a baby but it sucks bad. Ive never gone through this so it also makes me nervous about seeing the dentist tomorrow.
I do have to confess that my dentist office is awesome! They are so good at what they do and I can tell that they are there to help me. I can also tell they love their job. I am looking forward to seeing my friends tomorrow. Ha Ha I have a feeeling that by when this year is over I am going to become best friends with them. They are going to know me so well. I feel like they already do. :P
Thats all the complaining I have for today. I will keep you posted as to how this root canal turns out. Time to catch a nap since I couldnt sleep but four hours last night.


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