Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I survived!

I survived the root canal! :)

I kept telling my husband things like "If i die please know that I love you very much and find someone for you who will take care of you.." Ha ha OF course I was kidding but me being dramatic like I always am had to say those kinds of things.

It started at 11:00 am- and i got done at around 1:30 pm. Talk about a long time at the dentist- AGAIN!. The good thing is I took care of it now and this will solve my problems with that horrible tooth ache Ive been having.

Honestly, it wasnt as bad as i had imagined. Everyone I talked to was scarying me more and more, Next time I wont listen to anyone and only talk to professionals. They always know how to explain things and they know whats really going on. I will admit though hearing the drill is the worst!! Oh and two kind of funny sad things was 1. the dental assistant that hasnt been working with my teeth (so the other older lady) totally gave me a fat lip because she accidently got my lip- OUCH. 2. The dentist burned the inner side of my upper lip with his tool- so I had a whole bunch of distractions going on around my mouth. But besides all that stuff and after keeping my mouth wide open for what felt like 3 hours I finally was free. I came out with one side of my face swollen and numb, so when I smiled I looked soooo goofy. I still kind of do because of my fat lip on one side.

The thing that stinks is I didnt get to be with my baby all day. Hes been working on the boat, and then I was getting ready for my appmt. While I was at the dentist he went to work. He wont get off until 11 pm, im pretty sure I am going to pass out before he comes home. I seriously have had slepless nights for about an entire week, and I dont even have a baby yet. ha ha

I am so happy it is over. And after next week hopefully if everything goes well I will have my two crowns and wont need to see the dentist for at least a couple months. YAY! It's been fun playing catch up but really its beginning to burn a hole in my pocket.

PS Im so excited its wednesday and only one more day to start my weekend. YAY!
Oh and its my best friends daughters 2nd birthday so HAPPY early BIRTHDAY TO HAILIE!

I cant wait to go to my bed tonight. :)


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  1. I'm glad you made it through and Chris doesn't have to get remarried!! See ya tomorrow! Get some rest we will party big time.