Thursday, July 7, 2011

Camping part 2

I love my Baby. I wish we could go on another camping trip but we might have to wait till later on this year. OH well but I love reminicing about how much fun we had at the Rudd camp out. These are some of the ones that I forgot to post.

We went on tons of walks in the woods. The night before we left we went to take buddy before it got too dark and we ended up staying out a little late but it was awesome. I loved it. I love how peaceful you feel up there. I love how the sky and stars look like at night. Its the best feeling ever. I like escaping the fast city and slowing it down up north. You dont have cell phones, computers, tv or any of those distractions. You just have your friends and family. Its wonderful, I love every minute of it every time I go.

Im keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to go sometime next month. I think itll happen even if its just for two days.


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