Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Five days off!

Yep thats right the last five days I've had off! It has been amazing. I love how much time I've been able to spend with my family. And most of all with my husband. It's so relaxing and I have loved trying to be productive as a house wife and all.

Heres the over view of what occured this weekend.

Thursday- I didnt plan on not working this day but thanks to the technical problems SRP was having most of the city of MESA didnt have electricity so therefore I didn't work. Which has its pros and cons. I was able to go visit my family and go swim in my parents pool. I worked out for two hours and had a blast. Finished and then went to Costco to get a surprise gift for my baby. :) I did lots on this day and it got way better once my husband got off later that night.

Friday- Went to work some more on the shed! I try and help Chris but im not very good at construction of any kind but I do what I can. Then I went swimming with one of my best friends Candice! We had fun and hung out for like an hour or two. Then, I went over to my friends to go take some photographs of her and I am going to post them real soon! We had a blast and I stayed and visited with them for a while. After that I started heading home, come to find out MY DOGS HAD GOTTEN OUT. So i was worried and i thought I had lost them for sure. Im happy to report that it didnt happen like that. My awesome roomate Courtney put them inside but I was still missing my puppy MAC, well then I leashed up Princessa and Buddy and we started looking for baby MAC. As soon as I started walking down the street (Keep in mind that it is now arou 10:45 Pm ) I am exhausted and worried. Then I started yelling his name and the neighbor had kept him for us ! What sweet neighbors we have. I was soo happy and relieved. Just for their act of kindness I went and bought them a 10$ wally card because of their good deed. I was super happy to know we live by good people.

Saturday- Went and stayed most of the day at the INLAWS :) Chris had to finish his project so I had to go and see how I could be of help. It is looking soo good and it's really close to being fninsihed. I also got to play with my adorable niece Zolie. She's so precious and is starting to talk so much more. It melts my heart when she says PERLA in her cute little voice. Shes so much fun, and I got to play with her for a couple hours. We got really dirty playing in the wet sand. Ha ha But at least we were entertained. At around 5 ish I left to go to my moms swim party! WOoo hoo she had a couple friends and their families over to party. SO right away I jumped in and cooled off. About a half an hour later my husband came to surprise me. I seriously thought he was going to be at his parents the rest of the day. (He had done that last weekend) Once I got out we had some BOMB MEXICAN tacos! Its called Birria and its one of my favorite foods of all time. We ate so much that we had to post pone our hot date. :( Kind of sad but we were both super tired and full. We watched some TV, cleaned up and got ready for bed. We ended up sleeping at around 10:30! lol I know thats way too early for a Saturday but we both needed it.

Sunday- Chris was not feeling too great after working again in the 120 degree weather for 12 hours. I can tell he's not used to it. MY poor baby. We made started preparing some delicious sweet pork for din din, and you know how that takes about 8 hours on the crock pot. We just hung out at the house and worked on a few things and then went and had left overs with my family. SOme bomb Birria taquitos. YUM! We went back home and relaxed. We saw tv and had a good family night. It was such a nice evening I had my husband next to me what else do I need?

MONDAY- FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a rough night sleeping. Sucked so bad. So when Chris left at around 445 am I was wide awake. I decided to do something to make me tired. So I went outside and started doing yard work. Half an hour out there and I was ready to go back inside. I had some yummy breakfast and then drifted off into a sleep finally. Woke up and the bestie- COURTNEY and I talked and hung out for a little bit. We bonded and then we decided we wanted to make some bannana bread. YUM! It was delicious. Then I was downloading music doing things around the house and next thing I know its about 130. Chris called me to tell me he was getting off a little early so I went and started getting ready. As soon as he got home we had lunch and went to .. Yup you guessed it- to work on the shed. LOL It was hot but it feels so good that it's so close to being done. I promise you'll see the almost finished product sometime this week. We left about six to go to my parents house :) We had some delicious mexican food for dinner to celebrate the Fourth. Ha ha .. Truth be told Im not a big fan of hamburgers and hot dogs. I mean I dont hate it but its not my favorite. We swam first and it was awesome! Just my hubby and I went in the pool and got to relax. The rest of the night consisted of good times. We bought tons of fireworks and we fired them away. It was sweeeettt! Ive never shot off so many fireworks. Then we ran out and everyone pitched in for us to buy some more. We met up with my inlaws so we could do the fireworks with them. It was lots of fun and I must say this was one of the greatest 4th of Julys that I've ever had.

Hope yours was awesome too!



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