Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ten reasons

Sometimes I feel as if people like to lie for whatever reason, specially online. And I don't know why people like to be fake but I can guarantee that I dont have the need to do that. But since I have been thinking a lot of why I love Chris, (specially recently). I will explain why.

1. Chris is sensative,listens, and he cares.
I have never in my life been around with a man who
actually deeply cares about me.

2. He's such a handy man. It is amazing to me
how much he knows about fixing things around the
house as well as making things.

3. HE LOVES TO HELP OTHERS. Specially his family.
Never in my life have I met such a self-less person.
I need to be more like him in this department.

4. We make a great team. He helps me cook, clean, do laundy,
sweep, mop, make the bed, organize things, unpack. You name
it, he has helped me with everything.

5. He is hilarious. This boy has a very corky and silly sense of
humor. He can make me laugh for days with his sarcastic, goofy

6. He isn't afraid to try new things. I love it when people are
outgoing and arent big babies when it comes to food, activities,
and whatever comes our way.

7. HE IS A HARD WORKER! NO joke this boy is always on his toes. But
I feel like I can be that way sometimes too.

8. He is the most trustworthy, dependable person I've ever met. I
can depend on him for anything and everything. Sometimes I feel like
I've been doing things on my own so much that I forget that I need to
let him do more things as well. ( Im still learning day by day)

9. He is supportive. He supports me with all the decisions I make and
where I want to go with life. Not only that but whenever I say I want
to go somewhere or do something he is always willing. This means so much
to me, that he never shuts me down even though I know sometimes its not his
favorite thing in the world to go hiking at 5 am.

10. Last but not least, HE IS SUCH A STUD! I am so attracted to my
husband. He is such a cutie inside and out. He's got gorgeous
blue eyes and those big lucious lips. I love his hands and his
sweet touch. I am in love and love every minute of it.

I thank the Lord all the time for giving me such a loving husband. I often ask myself am I deserving of him? I hope that I can always make him proud. I want to have tons of babies with him and I hope that they all look like him because he is adorable. I went through a lot of hard times and I still get them every now and then and I know that I am far from perfect. All I know is that we are constantly striving to reach our full potential. The only way we can reach perfection is by choosing a good partner to love and grow with. I truly believe and know I have found the perfect guy for me.
He is my everything.


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