Thursday, June 23, 2011


Here are some of the random thoughts I have in my head this day. I want to just write them down somwhere but I dont know where. And just because I love typing so much I want to just type them up on the computer. So why not my blog?

1. Dont call someone fat- specially if they don't ask for your opinion. You dont know if the other person receiving it is feeling down beause of it or is actually trying really hard to loose weight. (Just an observation from people watching)If you are asked however try to be as nice as possible or dont be so blunt. GIrls are sensative.

2. I hate it how people you have known for sometime loose contact with you and then out of nowhere whenever they decide they need you they call you or respond to you? I dont like it when people dont respond when I really really need them. So I am done being the person who is always trying to stay on top of all my friends and trying to serve their every need.

3. Money doesnt buy happiness- so quit lying to yourself. Happiness comes from within. Learn to be happy because it makes everything go so much smoother.

4. Always put your family and yourself first. It's the way to a happy way of living. If you put it before work, your own free time you will be blessed. I have realized this more and more as I grow older and now that Im married.

5. Pray pray and Pray. When you need an answer just keep praying. Get on your knees and plead to your heavenly father. This year i've gotten so many answers I am sooooo impressed and touched.

6. Just when things get harder keep pushing because after every storm you can always see a rainbow when its all over. Its amazing Satan wants you to break down and give up but dont! If you dont let him win he wont.

7. Love all those around you. Lifes too short to start drama . You dont know how much longer you have or they have. SO always be loving and kind.

8. If you have a problem or a heavy weight on your shoulders take care of it right away or else it will only get heavier and only keep bothering you. Once you knock things down one step at time your burdens will go away.

9. I always say to myself I have to be a better person than yesterday. Try it it will really make you open your eyes and make your life worth so much more.

10. No one is perfect- just accept it and work at it.
Specially me, Im trying though and I want to just
live a good life and serve others along the



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