Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines day

For Valentine's Day my sweetheart and I decided to take it easy. We wanted to do something simple but very meaningful. We both went on with our day, Chris worked and I took care of Timmy. And it was one of the most wonderful days I have Had in a long time. I Surprised my mom, sister, and husband with some gifts. I ordered some delicious cupcakes from a lady, Made some canvases made with baby footprints, And got some treats are for them. I have breakfast with my family, lunch with my in laws and then had a nice evening with my husband. My wonderful mom babysat Timothy while Chris and I went to the temple as soon as he got off work. I am so thankful I got to go on the sweet date with my husband. I needed this very much and it brought us closer together. After the temple we picked up Timothy and headed home. Chris and I made homemade steak,lobster, and potatoes. This is the best dinner we've ever made!

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