Saturday, February 9, 2013

TAXES 2012

Being an adult is tough sometimes. At times I feel like there is so much to worry about and all I want to do is party, play, and go out! I don't like stressing about stuff that's no fun like cleaning, paying bills, and changing diapers! HA HA! I'm sort of kidding around but I'm not. Lately it's been a little harder because I'm a stay home with Timmy and Chris is off working his butt off so he can pay all the bills. I am extremely grateful for my love he always works sooooo hard to give us a good life. I wish I can help him out more and I try and do as much as I can. I do photography on the side which is nice when I get things here and there. One of my goals and plans for this year is to expand on my photography business and get more and more legit. I know its going to happen because I have the passion and drive for it. I just need to invest more time and money. With my husbands help I know we can accomplish anything we really want. The reasone I titled it taxes is because we already filed our taxes and we are so excited with the outcome. I'm excited that we get something back and we did our duty that every person in the Us has to do.!! HIp hip hoooooray. I know Im random but ya know thats why you like me ;) Photobucket

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