Monday, February 11, 2013


I found the perfect lesson for tonight!! I thought I would share it because this is something I have been struggling with recently. I am not perfect and sometimes I do tend to get irritated very easily, specially if my son is getting into trouble and doesn't want to listen to me. I need to work on not getting so angry so easily and to be a better mom by being more and more patient. I specially need to work on not taking it out on Chris. Sometimes if we're having a bad unproductive day i tend to take it out on Chris once he gets home and he doesn't deserve that at all. I'm not an angry person, nor do I want to be around it but sometimes I feel tense and I am not being a nice person that I should be. Sometimes all I need is to take a deep breath and count to ten. SLOWLY. (I dont yell but i do tend to get frustrated and get a little mean and bossy) I need to remember that I am very blessed and I am loved. Most importantly I need to remember that those feelings aren't good and I need to pray to Heavenly Father for help. Have a great Monday!!! :) I know I will.

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