Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exchange Student

WOAH I CANT BELIEVE how neglected my blog is.
Sorry about that!!!
Well I just wanted to write down that we have an exchange student
from Brazil this year. We are so happy and feeling extremely blessed.

I wasn't sure how it was all going to work out, or how I would do being
a host mom to a teenager but it turns out it's not as hard as I thought.
It helps that she's a great girl! We love having her in our home so far, and
although its only been a week and a half I can tell we are going to enjoy having
her in our home. Timothy already asks for her all day long when she's at school.

We hope to give our student Mariana, a great experience. I hope to also document her
stay through here. Hopefully I can remember to log in more.

This is so exciting! Can you tell Chris and I are thrilled to have someone else in our home.
She's so sweet!!!

I will pictures in the next post :)

Have a great week.


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