Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Even though this happened in the end of November/beginning of December I need to make sure I document how proud and how excited I am for Chris getting promoted to a store manager. He is currentyl an Assistant Manager (or 1A) as they would say. Basically he is right underneath the manager and he does a great job of taking care of his responsibilities.
The reason we are so excited for Chris is that he deserves this more than anyone I know. Let me explain.

He always goes out of his way to help others when he doesnt have to.
He loves going to work and loves to talk about how great QT is.
He is an amazing leader.
Is always on time.
We always get gas at QT (hahaha )
He has been Assistant Manage for about 3 years now and I dont know anyone who wants to be promoted as much as Chris did. He is tooo cute!!!
He looks good in a QT uniform of course!

I have to post about how his manager told me about his getting promoted. Last month we had some more truck problems (Oh joy!) and I drove him to work. It was the week before Thanksgiving and my husbands manager told me to stick around for the good news he was about to tell Chris. So I did I stood there for about ten minutes and then he pulled Chris and I off to the side to tell him he had an interview lined up for the week after Thanksgiving. December 1st is the exact date. :) It was so cute to watch how happy this made Chris. He had a huge smile and his eyes lit up. It gave Chris the perfect amount of time to prepare for his interview. He had a panel interview with a couple of supervisors (two of them he's personally had before). He had to practice a list of questions and make sure he hit some important points. I helped him by practicing with me and giving him my input.
Finally, the big day finally came and I had to make sure he had his pants super ironed as well as his qt shirt. I made sure he had a good breakfast and words of encouragement so that he would feel good about himself. He left very early and I told him to make sure and let me know how it went. His interview went much faster than I thought so we were able to meet up for lunch.
He told me he thought he did good and I could tell he did by what he told me. Later that day he got the good news that he is going to be promoted to manager. I knew he would get it and I am very happy for our little family. Just when we needed it and are about to have our first child it's all falling into place. I knew it would. I had to keep telling Chris it'll happen when the time is right just be patient. I'm so glad those words actually came true because sometimes you just don't know how long somethings might take.
Now we're just playing the waiting game. We have to wait for an opening in another Qt for him to be the manager. We're hoping it'll happen within the next month or two so we can start seeing that raise.
That's our big exciting news as of lately and although a lot has happened this month and last I've been too lazy to blog. I am going to try and play the catch up game before more exciting things happen.



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  1. Congrats on the promotion!! That's awesome! We're trying to find Andrew a different job so we can insure the baby along with ourselves ;)