Monday, November 28, 2011

Im thankful for the gospel & more

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week. My husband and I were both off and we got the entire weekend to relax and see each other all the time. I'm so happy he got Thursday and Friday so we could spend lots of time with our family. On Thanksgiving morning Chris played football and I stayed home and slept in. I also picked up the house and did some cleaning. By the time Chris made it home we got ready for dinner at 1pm, (now dinner at one is a bit early for me specially since I'm Mexican and we're used to eating at 7 or 8 ish.) But we got there at around noon to help set up and by lending extra hands.
FOOD WAS SO GOOD. I loved the Turkey and mashed potatoes, then for dessert I had some homemade apple pie. It was a perfect afternoon with my Rudd family. They were even nice enough to let my small family come- my dad and sister.(MOm was working :( )
We were there until about six or seven and then we went to my parents and had dinner number two.



  1. I'm so jealous that you got to eat!! I've been so nauseous I can't eat anything really! And the smells of Thanksgiving were KILLING me hahahahaha oh being pregnant is too weird right?? ;)

  2. Yesss!!!!!!!! I totally understand those smells were driving me crazy I was having such a hard time wanting anything to eat but it will get better. Your second semester will hopefully be a lot smoother. :D