Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Can you believe it?

Its been five months since I got married to my
best friend. I cant believe how fast time goes.
We have had some really good times and have learned
so much more about each other- the good with the bad
but all in all he proves it to me every day , that he
loves me and helps me see that I am beautiful and
that someone is always thinking of me. He amazes me.
I am so lucky to have him, I'm so excited to go out
and celebrate tonight. We need to go out tonight,
just the two of us.
It just seems like we spend all of our free time
together but we seem to be sharing it with everyone around
us, which isn't a bad thing but sometimes we need couple
I am so excited to go on a hot date tonight.
He makes me so happy!!!
Oh and I surprised him with two love letters in the house
with all the laundry put away, everything picked up, and made
the bed really pretty.
I am so in love with Chris, he is my true love. I am so happy
I found him and we started dating about 11 months ago.
These truly ave been the best five months of my life.
I love Chris he rocks my world..
Chris has been saying and sending me the sweetest
text lately. He's so adorable and I can't wait to bring
children into the world together.
I am so happy .
Love the people around you- Always!
Even when you are having a tough time, remember
not to take it out on the people the mean the most to
you. Hold them close and treat them better than how you
want to be treated.
Don't take life for granted you never know what the future
has in store but the only thing you have control over is your
reaction and how you solve things so be wise and think before
you act.
(Those are some of my random thoughts on this day)
Have a good one :)


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